Africa Fixed-line Subscribers and Revenue Forecast, 2015-2025

According to Quantum-Web’s statistics’ and forecasts practice, the number of fixed lines in Africa will increase to over 38 million in 2025 from 28 million at the end of 2015

while over the next decade the Fixed-line revenue in Africa is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 2.81%  (CAGR), reaching almost 2.4 billion Dollars by 2020 and Fixed-line EBITDA will grow by 2.85%(CAGR),  to 1.5 billion Dollars during the same period.


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Fixed-line Subscribers by Technology

At the end of 2015, the number of PSTN subscribers in Africa with over 1 million new subscribers on the previous year stood at 24 million while the number of VoIP and Cable Telephony were 3.4 million and 1.2 million respectively.


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Top 10 Fixed-line Markets in Africa

At the end of 2015, Egypt with over 6.5 million Fixed-line subscribers maintained its position as the largest Fixed-line market in the continent followed by South Africa and Algeria.

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Despite the rapid growth of mobile subscription in many African countries, the fixed line services are not losing their relevance. This is mainly due to the unthinkable substitution of fixed lines in the enterprise market and high end residential market where the fast broadband is essential and mobile broadband inability to effectively compete with Fixed-line reliability and speed in the broadband space.

The region can provide a range of excellent investment opportunities for foreign investors interested in the fixed network and mobile backhaul. , but the investment opportunities will not be open indefinitely. The next 5 years will be critical in shaping the continent’s fixed telecom sector due to the coming surge in data driven markets.


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