Africa Telecom Media Trend

Telecom Media statistics and Forecasts

Quantum-Web predicts a TMT gold rush in Africa. All key indicators are positive and going in the right direction. And the opportunities stretch across the board, across IT, Telecoms and Content service. From fixed to mobile.

There’s lots for investors to get excited about. The Chinese government, for example, is planning to invest USD 1.6 trillion over the next decade in Africa and Asia. Quantum-Web are well-placed to help navigate the complexity that often characterizes emerging markets.

Quantum-Web market insights and forecasts form a bedrock of dependable and actionable intelligence for investors. We provide detailed market data for over 30 African countries at national and operator level. To find out more about our quarterly Statistics and Forecasts practice, please contact Andrea Riddling on + 44 (0)20 3286 9570 ( or ask for a sample here.