Austria Fixed and Mobile Broadband Tariff Analysis, Q1 2016

According to the first quarter of 2016 broadband tariff’s analysis in Austria, the prices of fixed and mobile broadband were moving in the same direction and getting closer to each other in terms of monthly tariff. We observed that the fixed operators pricing strategies follow those of the mobile broadband.

Fixed Broadband Tariffs

Based on the Q1 2016 fixed broadband dataset for Austria, the stand-alone monthly tariffs in Austria stood at $19.81 USD (PPP) for access with downstream speed of up to 10Mbps while the prices of Double play and Triple- Play packages for the same speed were 22.88 and 27.34 USD (PPP) respectively.


Mobile Broadband Tariffs

The Austrian mobile phone market is highly competitive, with some of the lowest tariffs in Europe. During the first quarter of 2016, mobile broadband tariffs in Austria exhibited a similar trajectory to the fixed broadband tariffs. The average stand-alone monthly tariff offered by MNOs with the downstream speed of up to 10Mbps through SIM card and USB modem, was $16.57 USD (PPP) and the average monthly price of LTE packages with the downstream speed of over 100Mbps, stood at 43.73 USD (PPP).


The main difference between fixed and mobile broadband tariffs across of different speed bands is the amount of the data allowances. The average monthly data allowance of mobile broadband packages was 5GB during the Q1 2016.

Quantum-Web’s tariff practice monitors 106 markets every quarter. The database for some operators goes back to Q4 2004.

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