Harmonious LTE Prices in South Korea

All main three Korean telecom operators (Korea Telecom, LG U+ and SK telecom) launched new LTE tariffs in Q4 2015, targeting 17 million 3G subscribers in a country where 3G network is fading away at a fast rate.

A number of core characteristics unite the new LTE tariffs in South Korea.  For example, they are mainly capped and bundled with extras such as cloud storage, voice or mobile TV.  However, there are some differentiating factors worth highlighting.

South Korea LTE


The lowest-priced LTE tariff is offered at an identical price of $26.68 per month by all three operators, including 300MB data allowance but with variations around the amount of voice call allowance.  Both SK Telecom and LG entry-level packages include unlimited voice calls, but Korea Telecom’s package includes only 30 minutes of voice call and a limited number of mobile TV channels.

South Korea LTE2


The highest-priced LTE tariff in South Korea is $88.23 and all three operators offer similar packages around that price bracket. Korea Telecom’s plan includes 30 GB data and 200 min voice call, whereas SK Telecom offers 35 GB and unlimited voice call, and LG offers unlimited data and voice.  As part of the LG unlimited data monthly allowance, access speed will drop to 3Mbps after 2 GB data usage is reached in one day.

Source: Quantum-Webs Telecom and TV pricing database.