Iran is and will remain the regional leader in broadband and mobile

London 11 August 2015- Iran is incontestably a giant in the Middle East broadband and mobile market.

Quantum-Web’s Q2 2015 Iran telecom’s market statistics and forecasts placed the country as regional leader in fixed broadband with over 4.2 million connections, followed by Saudi Arabia (2.7m) and Israel (2.1m) connections.

Figure 1. Middle East Top Three Broadband Markets, Q2 2015

Moreover, in terms of penetration, Iran with 5% broadband penetration has enormous potential in the next five years to expand its broadband market further as part of its Sixth Development Plan, aiming to have 12 million installed ports by 2021.

Figure 2. Fixed Broadband market in Iran 2014-2020

Fixed broadband market by technology and operators
The fixed broadband market in Iran is dominated by xDSL, which accounts for 83% of the market, followed by 17% WiMAX technology at the end of Q2 2015.
The main operators are Pishgaman and Pars Online, which combined hold 47% of broadband market at the end of the second quarter.

Figure 3. Iran Fixed Broadband Market Share, Q2 2015

With the prospect of economic sanctions on Iran being eased, many North American and European companies are now moving quickly to explore the investment opportunities in the largest, but as yet undeserved, telecom market in Middle East.

Quantum-Web consultants are happy to discuss individual requirements about the Iranian current and future telecom market, exploring the investment opportunities and the market thematic from regulatory issues, market dynamic to the competition.

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