Quarterly statistics and forecasts of IPTV, Cable TV, DTT and DTH pay TV Platforms in 70 countries. Our datasets include operational TV stats and forecasts and helps market intelligence team to monitor the take-up of pay TV market and competition at national and international level. Our dataset assists companies to determine the business’s strategic direction and set strategic goals. The data also helps keep marketers in tune with trends, which helps create in-demand products and appealing advertisements.

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IPTV ConnectionHerfindahl-Hirschman Index

This is achieved by validating and compiling detailed operational metrics for over 70 countries on a quarterly basis, and enables Quantum-Web’s clients to monitor market performance and assess potential opportunities.

.With the extraordinary take up of digital media, there is now an imperative need for active monitoring of demand pattern of subscribers for services over terrestrial, satellite cable and IPTV platforms across the globe.

Additionally, the multi-screen phenomenon and OTT necessitates the monitoring of all digital media types and advertising revenue when considering the increasing convergence of the telecoms and media industries.

Quantum-Web understands that the most important issue that affects revenue stream of entertainment and media industry is maintaining the control of content and audiences, whilst taking advantage of new electronic delivery platforms.

Our datasets provide quarterly operational and financial information of TV markets in over 70 countries with a harmonised and robust set of quarterly data for the main KPIs.


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