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Multiple Regression with Dummy Variables

Introduction One of the limitations of multiple-regression analysis is that it accommodates only quantitative explanatory variables. Dummy variable can be used to transform and incorporate qualitative explanatory variables such…

Power BI Dashboard Example

Introduction Power BI is a business intelligence software by Microsoft that allows you to get insights from data within minutes. It let you to connect to hundreds of data…

United Kingdom 5G Forecast

Forecasting the annual mobile connection for the United Kingdom, broken down by operator and technology (including 5G) for 2018 to 2025. All figures assumptions and forecasts exclude IoT. The…

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About me

I simplify the power of data science and empower you to make decisions that your business needs through a set of services including;

  1. Data gathering and cleaning.

  2. Statistical analysis including machine learning algorithm.

  3. Data visualisation platform with Power BI.

The above data science elements provide a solid insight to make decisions.
I help operators, vendors, regulatory bodies and the investment community to make data-based decisions on market trends and achieve their key business objectives.