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Business Insight with ML

We work with a broad spectrum of businesses, including start-ups, SMEs, and global enterprises. The first part (Descriptive) of our task is to understand the “stale” part of the process that is prohibiting progress.
The next step is deploying machine learning to create an end to end the dataflow pipeline to connect all type of data regardless of whether it comes from static sources like excel file or real-time source such as online transactions database.
ML main methods, including Clustering for unsupervised data, Classification and Regression for supervised data, assist the business in different ways for a smooth flow of operations.


Data Visualisation

Our data visualisation service brings data to life, by discovering the insights hidden within your numbers. Live dashboards, interactive reports, charts, graphs, and other visual unlock the key business KPIs quickly and effectively using DAX.

Delivery of bespoke and tailored dashboards and reports assures that every stakeholder gets only the data that is relevant to their role at any time anywhere. more

Power BI



Efficient Work Process Automation

We assist you with Machine Learning algorithms which can handle repetitive tasks without getting bored and make human mistakes as they can ingest a higher volume of data.
Moreover, Machine Learning models perform automatically and continuously different analytical tasks to provide data-driven insight, leaving the human to concentrate on strategic decision-making tasks.

Business Process Automation1

Customer Segmentation

We can deploy Machine Learning algorithms to improve your sales and marketing performance through extraction, and analysing the relevant market and customer attitudes, behaviour information through robust Customer Segmentation and Classification algorithm.


We develop and integrate tailored ML predictive models using your business and market data to forecast the probabilities of specific future outcomes related to your business.
The forecasting outcomes of our ML algorithms help better understanding of your customers and revenue opportunities.
The main area of our expertise includes Linear, Nonlinear Regression and Time Series Analysis.


Improve Customer Experience and Support

ML and NLP can improve Customer Experience and Satisfaction by tailoring customers needs with more data gathering about each customer at a large scale across multiple touchpoints to anticipate their needs. The most common methods are Chatbots, Virtual Assistants, Content Creation and Sentiment Analysis.



Data Wrangling

Depending on the structure of your business dataflow, we process, clean and enrich raw data into a meaningful format for further proceedings.
We start to work on data wrangling, which could be up to 70% of our project time using R or Python packages and libraries.
Once the data is clean, we move the processed data into a data warehouse (ETL) for other purposes, including operational analysis or producing reports and dashboards.

ML Modeling

Following the data wrangling process, we work on ML modeling. We deploy the main Machine Learning business-critical applications to address: Customer Segmentation, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Customer Churn Rate, Price Sensitivity to manage your business challenges. We also provide a recommendation for the end-to-end data flow process.


Once the Machine Learning models are tested, we have to integrate them into the company data flow pipeline. A promising data pipeline is vital for the success of a Machine Learning project.
It is essential to understand that ML projects involve data engineers, DevOps, Operational team and data scientist.
To integrate the ML algorithm, we have to address issues like;
– Frequency of predictions
– Frequency of models update
– Size of datasets used in the models
– Size of Dev and Ops team


Once we delivered the ML service, we guarantee the following action:
– Quick Response
– Personalised Service
– Proactive Support
– Live Chat
– On-site visit
With our customer-centric culture, we help to toot-out the issue as we substantially are growing through word-of-mouth.

Want to scale your business with machine learning services?

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I love data and pizza

I’m the founder & CEO of Quantum-Web, a data science consultancy based in North London.

I simplify the power of data science and empower you to make decisions that your business needs through a set of services including;

  1. Data gathering and cleaning.
  2. Statistical analysis including machine learning algorithm.
  3. Data visualisation platform with Power BI.

The above data science elements provide a solid insight to make decisions.

I work with different organisations and helping them build, manage and enhance their data science, analytics and data visualisation solutions.

I will help your organisation stay competitive and create a solid pathway for your future growth by building a data pipeline for your organisation.