ML Model Development

We work with a wide spectrum of businesses including start-ups, SMEs, and global enterprises. The first part of our task is to understand the “stale” part of the process that is prohibiting progress. We analyse your business case and create an accurate algorithm that matches your requirements.
The next step is training machine learning models with your real data or mock data to achieve the best results. Our ML services deliver the solution which is ready to be implemented straight away.
With the deployment of ML your business will be able to understand customer needs and making forecasts about the changes in the market ecosystem, demand, pricing, and competition. more


Data Visualisation

Our data visualisation service brings data to life, by discovering the insights hidden within your numbers. Live dashboards, interactive reports, charts, graphs, and other visual unlock the key business KPIs quickly and effectively using DAX.

Delivery of bespoke and tailored dashboards and reports assures that every stakeholder gets only the data that is relevant to their role at any time anywhere.more

Power BI



Business Process Automation

Do you have any perpetual or monotonous data analysis activities in your work? Think of delegating it to artificial intelligence! With high-quality machine learning models, you can get rid of manual work and focus on strategically important tasks.

Business Process Automation1

Refine Customer Segmentation

Get to know your customers better with innovative and accurate algorithms created by our data science knowledge. Gain valuable insights into your clients’ needs, wants, and habits to boost sales and improve your performance.


Imagine you can forecast all the changes in the market and adapt to them even before they appear. Conduct an anomaly detection and fulfill your wish! With ML, you are always one step ahead of your rivals.


Boost Customer Satisfaction

When traditional monitoring tools provide little information on how happy your clients are, it is the time to build a smart ML solution. Use advanced data science software to monitor your performance and increase customer retention.



Data Wrangling

The process might be a bit different for structured and unstructured data. But in most cases, we start to work on data wrangling which could be up to 70% of our project time span. We handle this task do with the help of various packages for R and libraries available for Python. At this stage, we explore the amount of data you have and identify how much information is needed to design a machine learning solution for your business.

ML Modeling

After the data wrangling process,  we start to work on model creation and training. We develop and test various algorithms that are designed to address your business challenge in the best way. This stage is the most critical and exciting stage of data science.


Once we have a ready-made model that was thoroughly tested, we move on to the deployment stage. There are various platforms for model deployment, such as Azure Machine Learning or ModelDB. Depending on your solution, we select the platform that meets software requirements.


Our collaboration does not end when your ML product is delivered and deployed. We get your feedback, analyse the results and discuss how we can scale the ML process to benefit your business

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I love data and pizza

I’m the founder & CEO of Quantum-Web, a data science consultancy based in North London.

I simplify the power of data science and empower you to make decisions that your business needs through a set of services including;

  1. Data gathering and cleaning.
  2. Statistical analysis including machine learning algorithm.
  3. Data visualisation platform with Power BI.

The above data science elements provide a solid insight to make decisions.

I work with different organisations and helping them build, manage and enhance their data science, analytics and data visualisation solutions.

I will help your organisation stay competitive and create a solid pathway for your future growth by building a data pipeline for your organisation.