Broadband Benchmarks Asia

 London, 27 June 2004— Broadband Benchmarks Asia- Pacific Q1 2004.

Asia-Pacific achieved the world’s greatest growth in numbers of broadband subscribers in 2003, adding nearly 20 million in the year, according to figures released by incumbents and operators.

As the result of its 80% annual growth, Asia-Pacific is now number one on the global broadband subscriber. During the second quarter 2004, Asia-Pacific region with more than 48.5 million broadband subscribers kept its leadership position in the world. ADSL is the dominant broadband access technology followed by cable and VDSL.

Japan with more than 16.2 million subscribers is the largest region and second world biggest market followed by China (12.7 m) and South Korea (12.59 m).

A big disappointment is still India with very low broadband subscriptions reaching only 114,000 broadband subscribers.