I deliver bespoke and tailored dashboards and reports to help companies to track their vital KPIs easily, watch over the progress and identify the trends, making sure that every stakeholder gets only the data that is relevant to their role at any time anywhere.

While stunning, rich visuals can be great tools for communicating ideas, the end benefit of data visualization is its ability to drive better decision-making. Hidden within your data lie important insights that can help drive business forward. But the challenge is that you can’t always connect the dots by looking at raw numbers alone. When you look at your data presented in a visual format, patterns, connections, and other “a-ha” moments emerge that would otherwise remain out of sight.
Data visualization brings data to life, making you the master storyteller of the insights hidden within your numbers. Live dashboards, interactive reports, charts, graphs, and other visual representations help you unlock key business insight quickly and effectively. Data visualization tools With many data visualization tools available, how do you choose the right solution for your needs?
In the end, you want a tool that gives you the insights you need to help you focus on what matters most. As you evaluate tools to find the right amount of power, flexibility, and ease-of-use, below are some key factors to help as you identify the right data visualization tools solution:
What are your goals and needs?
Take a moment to list out what types of data you have and what information you would like to find out.
What features do you require?
Business intelligence, analytics, enterprise reporting capabilities, and many different features give you flexibility for your needs both today and tomorrow.
Where will your data come from?
Consider how you’ll connect or import your data and determine if the tool offers a seamless fit with your systems.
Where will you need to see your data?
Find a tool that allows you to take your data and dashboards with you on any device, for quick insight and collaboration anywhere you are.
Where would you like to publish your visualization?
Think about where your final presentation will be published. On a website, in a blog post, or in an online news article? Find a tool that allows flexibility to post and share your data visualization wherever your story should be told.
Power BI publish to web lets you create data stories with amazing interactive visualizations and publish them to your blog or website in minutes.