Deutsche Telekom has the cheapest tariffs among top 5 biggest markets in Europe.



Telco broadband prices show Deutsche Telekom has the cheapest tariffs among top 5 biggest markets in Europe.


A survey of 5 European telcos included in the launch version of Broadband Pricing Matrix, shows that Deutsche Telekom is offering the best value in monthly fees and when translated into purchasing power parity (PPP).

Residential customers of Spanish telco, Telefonica de Espana pay nearly 5 times more per MB than their counterparts in Germany in PPP terms. In the UK, BT is placed between the two, with a mid-priced service. The retail price for a 1MB Broadband package varies from €25.82 offered by Deutsche Telekom in Germany to €103.45 of Telefonica in Spain (excl. VAT).

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The benchmark reveals that diversity in broadband pricing remains strong, and reflects a wider pattern of increasing price sensitivity in the sector across Europe. (Graph 1)

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However the survey also revealed that there is no clear relationship between market share and low price. Although DT in Germany has a market share of 77% of the broadband market, Telecom Italia holds a similar share level but is among the most expensive providers. BT – in perhaps the most competitive broadband market in Europe – holds only 37% share. (Graph 2)

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