FTTx in Australia to grow more than tenfold by 2020

London, 23 Jan. 2015-Quantum-Web analysis shows that the FTTx subscriber base in Australia will expand more than tenfold between end-2014 and end-2020.

As a corollary, IPTV’s share of Media connections (* see note below) will practically increases from 16% to 42%, over the same period, amid fierce competition from Cable TV and DTH operators determined to protect their established market positions.

Figure 1.
Australia Broadband Market Share

Demand for at all times, in all places, on all devices data connectivity will help drive demand for FTTx.  As wireless access speeds continue their rampant rise, consumers will simply not be prepared to compromise on quality of experience in their home or office environment.  FTTx can and will play a decisive role in fulfilling the high expectations of consumers and businesses alike.

All of which presents interesting challenges for service providers, from planning and investment, across the value chain to technical deployment and marketing.  Next generation service propositions and services must be competitive enough to achieve high customer uptake in the first instance, while ongoing profitability will depend on consistently delivering a compelling customer experience that safeguards against churn.

*Cable TV, IPTV, DTT and DTH