Global Wearables Revenue, 2010-2025

Quantum-Web predicts that the total market of wearables will worth $75 billion in 2025.

Quantum-Web predicts that the total market of wearables will worth a staggering $75 billion in 2025.
The dominant segment in 2016, is Fitness and Smart watches (62% market share), followed by Healthcare monitoring (24% market share). By 2025 Fitness and Smart watches continuing to dominate the wearables market (44% market share) followed by Augmented and virtual reality (36% market share).
Qmars Safikhani, Principal Analyst at Quantum-Web, commented, “Considering usability of Fitness & Smart watches, there are many companies are rushing to catch up with the rapidly growing opportunity presented by wearables. However, we’re particularly thrilled about the potential for augmented and virtual reality devices, and we predict by 2025 these devices will be the second largest segment of wearables in terms of revenue, bypassing healthcare.”

Last year over 3.4 million VR and Google glasses were bought and this number will increase to over 135 million by 2025.

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