LTE tariffs are lower in the European Union than the rest of the world

According to Quantum-Web quarterly telecom pricing analysis, in Q1 2014 the global LTE tariffs didn’t show any significant change across different regions compared to the previous quarter.

The European Union with €24.74 per month has the lowest LTE tariff followed by Europe & Central Asia (€26.96), Asia Pacific (€28.28), North and Latin America (€30.69) and Africa with €37.97 per month.  Middle East with average €41.65 per month is the most expensive region among the others.  (Figure 1)

Figure 1. LTE Monthly Tariffs by Region, Q1 2014
LTE tariffs by Region, Q1 2014



The stand-alone tariffs (data only) is cheaper in Europe and Central Asia compare to any other region in Q1 2014 while In Africa Stand-alone packages cost on average twice as the Europe and Central Asia. In Africa voice is commoditised quicker than any other region and the cost of bundled voice on average is 48 percent of a monthly bill for a double play LTE package. In Europe and Central Asia region, the cost of the voice component is around 74 percent of the total monthly bill while in other regions, voice accounts on average 60 percent of a double play LTE monthly tariff. (Figure 2)

Figure 2. LTE Stand-alone vs. Double Play Monthly Tariffs by Region, Q1 2014
LTEStand-alone vs. Double Play Tariffs

The analysis reveals that the price gap between capped and uncapped LTE packages varies from region to region. In EU27 region the gap between a capped package and an unlimited one is lower than other regions (€27 per month on average for unlimited package against €20 for a capped LTE package). Asia- Pacific region has the widest gap between capped and uncapped LTE packages. (Figure 3)

Figure 3. LTE Capped vs. Uncapped Monthly Tariffs by Region, Q1 2014
LTE Capped vs. Uncapped monthly Tariffs

Quantum-Web quarterly telecom LTE monitoring service covers collect over 1000 tariffs across 70 countries. Tariffs are detailed by:

  • Client Type (Business or Residential)
  • Downstream and Upstream Speed
  • Recurring and Non Recurring Costs
  • Post-paid vs. Prepaid
  • Stand-alone vs. Double or Triple Play
  • Capped vs. Uncapped
  • Monthly Data Allowance
  • Cost of Overage or speed Throttling
  • Amount of Bundled Voice
  • Duration of Contract
  •  Device included.