North America is the major stronghold for Cable Modem providers.


According to our latest research paper, “World Broadband Tracker Q4 2005”,at the end of 2005, of all the Top Ten broadband countries only the USA, with over 55% (24 million) Cable Modem subscribers, has more subscribers to this technology than other technologies.


Canada with nearly 49% of its broadband subscribers using Cable Modem is in the second place followed by South Korea (30%).



North America Cable Modem is still a real contender to DSL and despite the fact that cable operators compete more aggressively with the telcos, often offering low-speed, and low –cost entry level services to attract residential customers but their market size share is shrinking.
DSL is growing faster than cable almost everywhere else. Exceptions include South Korea,
where there is a negative trend in the number of DSL subscribers. Here ADSL has approached its saturation point and people are choosing other technologies such as FWA, Satellite and FTTx.

Among Top Ten broadband markets, China is growing faster than any other countries. DSL annual growth rate in China was 84% while this figure for Cable Modem reached 43% since Q4 2004.



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