US Cable Modem Vs. China DSL

logoround50pixelUS Cable Modem Vs. China DSL


According to our latest research paper, “World Broadband Tracker Q4 2005”,
at the end of 2005, China was the world largest market for DSL technology with over 26 million subscribers. In absolute terms, China was also the world’s most dynamic DSL market, adding over 12 million lines since Q4 2004. The USA comes second with an addition of 4.8 million lines in the same period. Germany is now third in absolute terms, adding 3.7 million DSL lines since last year fourth quarter.



In Cable Modem market in contrast the USA was clearly the leading market for Cable Modem with over 24.2 million subscribers as of the fourth quarter of 2005. South Korea and Canada come a distant second and third place. Percentage growth was generally lower in cable modems compared with DSL.

Spain showed one of the most impressive annual growths with an increase of 62% since Q4 2004 to over 1 million subscribers.
France was also impressive, increasing its Cable Modem subscriptions by 51% to 570,000.
South Korea by losing over 367,000 Cable Modem subscribers has registered the highest subscription lost in the world during the same period.



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