World broadband lines passed 265 million


Latest research from Quantum- Web suggests the total number of broadband lines with an annual increase of 37.3% from 193.7 million at 30 September 2005 now stands at a throbbing 265.7 million in September 2006.


According to the World Broadband Tracker Q3 2006, published by Quantum-Web, the growth was driven mainly by the 43.7% and 40.8% increase in the number of broadband lines in Asia-Pacific and Europe, to reach 106.9 and 82.3 million respectively by 30 September 2006. Americas’ growth was much slower at 25.3%, where the number of broadband subscribers rose to just over 74 million lines by the same date.



Middle East-Africa, the fourth largest market has shown the fastest regional trend growth. The region is standing at an annual growth rate of 49.7% to reach 2.7 million lines by the end of September 2006.



The findings also point to the fact that xDSL with trend growth of 43% reaching 148.7 million by 30 September 2006 is acting as the engine of broadband growth. Cable modem meanwhile has shown a robust 21.9% growth approaching the 52 million lines by the same period.



Other Technologies with 86.5% annual growth shows the fastest access technology with an increase in the number of broadband lines to 31.3 million by the end of third quarter of 2006.
Graph 2 shows xDSL, Cable modem and other technologies trend growth through Q3 2005- Q3 2006 period.


The report includes data for over 320 operators in 83 countries.